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See what happens in the Last Shelter

(Callithrix jacchus)

It is is a species of monkey that belongs to brazil, unfortunately the people of his native country exported to pet have them now in our country there are many of these monkeys. The reason why people bring them is because of their size as they grow to be between 15 and 25 cm.

This little monkey is in our installation thanks to a rescue, if you would like to know more about them, can visit and meet her up close.


Scarlet macao
(Ara macao)

It is called lapa Kathy, she suffered from childhood abuse people. Although it is a national kind people insist on having these animals as pets and because of that it is reducing the number of these animals in their habitats!


The herpetological Refuge in Costa Rica gives you room to Aikido classes will be taught early on our facilities for children and adult groups.


These chicks came at different times to the Refuge, he is teaching to fly and learn to find food for themselves so that they can release very soon and manage to survive! At the moment the birds we have are a thrush, a widow and a yellow chest!

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