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Who We Are

Objectives of the Refugio Herpetologico de Costa Rica

• Return the animals we rescued to their environment.

• Improve the quality of life of those animals that can not be released to the environment.
• Contribute to the education of the people that visit us.
• Give the scientific information of the animals.
• Try to reproduce species with small populations.
• Reveal the truth about popular myths of our Costa Rican culture.
• Promote the care of nature and sustainable development.

Herpetological Refuge of Costa Rica
Part of what we
Mission: Why there?

Our mission is to collaborate with the biological diversity and to promote sustainable development in Costa Rica.  We strive to help injured and illegally kept wild animals by providing the best veterinary care available. Whenever possible our duty is to return the wild animals to their natural habitats. We make every effort to educate our visitors about the importance of natural environment and the animals in it.

Vision: What do we want?

We want to be a global example in the care of injured and kept captive wild animals by providing high quality information and hands on experience.  

Our Values
¡Our Values!

Our Values and Goals!

  • To educate our visitors:

  • To be connected with nature

  • To support sustainable development

  • To entice individual interest in environmental and biological issues

  • To be a socially responsible person

  • To act with integrity

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